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RVSDI Extras

RVSDI for the Screening Room




RV Nuke Toolset




The RV/Nuke integration package helps Nuke users get more done. The package developed by Tweak Software with support from the Foundry creates a tightly integrated workflow that offers artists better tools to play back, organize, compare, and track the history of their work in Nuke.



Maya Integration




The RV/Maya integration package helps Maya artists work more effectively.  The new beta package developed by Tweak Software, brings RV's advanced media handling to Maya by providing a better playblast workflow. The package makes it easy to compare, review, annotate on playblasts and provides a unified, color managed environment for view work in context.



RV Customization Chart



 RV Customization & Integration

RV was designed by industry veterans with a lot of experience as artists and engineers. It was built to adapt to your workflow and rather than forcing you to adjust your pipeline. RV can be configured by individual users, or extended and modified by scripters and developers.


RVIO Slate and Overlays



RVIO Transcoding for the Renderfarm

RVIO is a standalone, command-line, image and audio pipeline tool that shares RV's core technology. RVIO can make dailies or client reviews with custom slates and meta-data burn-in, ingest plates, and output film ready final frames. It can color correct, composite, conform, and convert, and it can run on your renderfarm or use the graphics card on your workstation.

RV Package Manager



 RV Packages

RV Packages make it easy to add new features to RV. Users can add/remove or toggle on/off Packages. You can install Packages provided by Tweak or you can create your own Packages. Tweak provides many Packages to extend RV, prototype new features that are not in RV's core, and as examples for users who want to make extend RV.


[host:~/inv2k] % rvls 

[host:~/inv2k] % rvls -l
 w x h      typ #ch fps #fr  file
640 x 480   8i   3   0  349  ./hippo.1-350#.jpg
1920 x 800  16f  3   0   17  ./vfx019_b44_1080p.1917-1934#.exr
2048 x 1556 16i  1   0   23  ./vfx018_020.1001-1024#.dpx



 RVLS  Image Info Tool

RVLS is a command-line image and sequence information tool that shares RV's image I/O and sequence parsing abilities.