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RV/Shotgun Integration


The large, leading facilities have invested heavily to build seamless playback workflows that tie RV into an ecosystem connecting artists, production staff, the latest editorial data,  production databases, and pipeline tools. You can read about a good example of this in the Weta/RV case study here. We have made this kind of seamless playback ecosystem available to the rest of our customers by  working  with Shotgun Software. 


Shotgun is the leading production tracking system created by Shotgun Software. The combination of RV plus Shotgun enables everyone to have access to easy, ubiquitous, error-free playback of the right media the right way. Thanks to Don at Shogtun for this great video.


What Users are Saying:

"I was an early adopter of both Shotgun and RV and used them successfully on a feature animation project. I always thought it would be great to have the tools work together, but now that they are integrated, the result is even better than I imagined. Once you can easily compare versions of a shot in RV directly from Shotgun, or automatically launch a shot in context of its neighboring shots, you can't go back and work the old way," said Stephane Deverly, C.T.O, Duran Duboi.


“Shotgun is the backbone of our production tracking system. Together with RV integration, our artists will now be able to play back media from within the Shotgun interface giving faster and easier access to clips than ever before,” said Mike Romey, Pipeline Supervisor, Zoic Studios.

How can I see it all working?

 We have built a fully functional example Shotgun database and a matching package of media. You can download the media, install the new Shotgun package in RV, and then experiment with a fully working example database. Complete instructions can be found here.


RV Shotgun Ecosystem

What do you mean "Ecosystem?"

The RV/Shotgun system relies on a key concept of "production-aware" playback. This means that we have made it easy to launch RV playback of media that refers back to the Shotgun database. The special RVLINK URL can be used anywhere that you can paste a link, in emails, in IM/Chat, in your own documents like to-do lists, or on internal web pages. And once you've made the RV/Shotgun connection you can use all of RV's new tools to automatically talk to your Shotgun database and update your session, find new versions, swap in alternate media and many other indispensible tasks.


Of course you can also start inside of Shotgun and use all of the powerful Shotgun tools for searching, sorting, organizing and navigating to versions and then you can launch RV directly from Shotgun on individual shots or on entire playlists. It doesn't matter where you start, once you are in the ecosystem you can easily navigate between RV and Shotgun.


Key Features of The RV/Shotgun Package

The new RV Shotgun module enables a menu inside of RV with many powerful tools for manipulating your session based on Shotgun data. New features inside of Shotgun make it easy to launch playback in RV, and new tools inside of RV communicate back to Shotgun.


  • Email, IM, or publish special links that jump a person right into RV to view specific iterations of work.
  • Swap in high-res frames, QuickTime movies, or alternate media
  • Easily Trim or reveal handles and slates

  • Launch Shotgun-aware playback in RV from anywhere in the pipeline: via links in emails, IM chat, web pages, and directly from Shotgun. 
  • Move quickly from navigating tracking data in Shotgun to viewing or comparing one or more clips in RV.
  • Deep link into Shotgun from RV to view meta data or create notes
  • Update playlists in RV to use the latest cut data from editorial
  • Load neighboring shots to see shots in context of the cut
  • Display Shotgun metadata right in  RV





Example workflows

Here are some ideas about how these tools can be combined to support effective workflows.

Supervisor Reviews

A common use of Shotgun is to drive reviews by supervisors. A standard workflow might look like this:

  1. Supervisor creates a list of versions in Shotgun for review
  2. For each version, the Supervisor launches playback in RV and reviews the shot (movies or high res frames)
  3. The supervisor uses RV's tool to automatically launch the Notes UI in shotgun to comment on a version
  4. Email is automatically generated to the artist with an RVLINK in the email
  5. The artist clicks in email and RV opens up, communicates with Shotgun to find the right media for review alongside the comments

Share Media for Impromptu Consultation over IM/Chat

Artists often need to ask quick questions, compare notes, or get feedback about issues with their shots. RV/Shotgun make this very fast and easy. A common workflow might look like this

  1. Artist is reviewing media in RV. Uses RV's menu to copy a 'Shotgun Aware RVLINK URL' onto the clipboard
  2. Arist pastes the link into a Chat window
  3. Collaborator on the other end of the chat clicks on the link to launch the same media

Dailies Review

Shotgun has lots of great tools for organizing/searching/and grouping versions.

  1. Search for all the latest versions of shots pending review
  2. Create custom playlists, sort by artist, cut order, creation date, etc.
  3. launch media in RV from Shotgun, one at a time, in one big RV session, or A/B compare 2 or more versions
  4. Make notes in Shotgun

Ad-hoc Artist Organization

Artists are often responsible for many shots at the same time. The new RV/Shotgun integration provides some great tools for keeping track of your work without making time-consuming mistakes.

  • Save RV session files that refer to Shotgun managed versions. These sessions can be quickly reloaded to pull in the Shotgun-aware media and RV can update the meta data to the latest status direct from shotgun
  • Save RVLINK URLs. These can be pasted into todo lists,  into other documents, and on personal or internal web pages for future reference. A personal todo list full of links to shots in progress can make it easy for an Artist to instantly pull up the media they are looking for

How much does it cost?

We have decided to distribute the new RV/Shotgun integration tools at no additional cost to customers of RV and Shotgun. We consider it an investment in building the community of RV users and an ideal example of the powerful flexibility of the RV platform.