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RVSDI for the Screening Room





RV-SDI Key Features:

  • Stereo playback
  • High Resolution, high bit depth
  • 24 bit embedded audio
  • Playback: 2K, HDR, Floating Point, Playback from RAM or Disk
  • Review: Organize and annotate media dailies review
  • Collaboration: Connect to other artists, clients or vendors for remote review
  • Editing: Edit sequences with lightweight intuitive tools
  • Comparison: Layout shots or cuts in tiled views, A/B compares with wipes
  • Integration: Script, customize, automate RV to fit into your pipeline or workflow

RV Presentation Mode

RV-SDI introduces Presentation Mode. This mode allows users to control RV normally on one monitor while sending video out to another device. The controller view displays the RV GUI and the SDI presentation device sends final output through the SDI channel for display on a projector or monitor (with options to view the timeline and other tools on the SDI view).

RV Sessions for Dailies

 Mix resolutions, frame rates, and color spaces automatically

  • RV is resolution independent, which means you can mix sources of different resolutions and RV automatically fits them to the display window. No manual resizing is required to cut together mixed resolution sources (say SD reference video with Full App EXR renders and 1/2 res animation takes)
  • Realtime pull-down/pull-up to handle any frame rates. RV automatically retimes media to play it back at the output fps (even for fixed rate SDI playback) so you never have to pre-convert media before viewing it in RV. This means you can cut together media of different frame rates into the same timeline, layout, or A/B compare.
  • Advanced Color Management - RV converts media into a common color space so sources with completely different color spaces can be edited together and compared and can use the same display LUTs or other color settings. For example you can cut together Kodak Log DPX frames with sRGB Quicktime video and Linear Exr files and preserve the correct colors.
SDI Settings

Availability and Price

SDI functionality is now included with the RV Solo license, details here.