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RV Nuke Integration

RV adds High Performance Playback to Nuke 

RV and Nuke working together seamlessly so you can review, organize, and compare your Nuke renders



The RV/Nuke integration package helps Nuke users get more done. The new package developed by Tweak Software with support from the Foundry creates a tightly integrated workflow that offers artists better tools to play back, organize, compare, and track the history of their work in Nuke.


The new workflow builds on the open, customizable nature of both Nuke and RV and it takes full advantage of RV's high performance playback from disk or RAM, GPU acceleration, linear-light color pipeline, and intuitive interface to help artists get the most out Nuke.


“This integration opens up a whole new workflow that makes Nuke and RV more valuable together than they are individually. Every artist and supervisor will benefit from these features and will never want to work without them again. Just awesome!” - Frank Rueter, Compositing supervisor and Director of OHUfx / founder of Nukepedia.

What Does it do?

Moving beyond the old flipbook-style workflow, RV communicates with Nuke over a live connection enabling seamless integration. Artists can use RV to organize a history of renders from any nodes in a Nuke script and then easily play and compare the results, using RV as a kind of visual history browser. In addition: RV can automatically restore the Nuke script to the version that matches any render; read nodes can be shared easily between both applications; and settings (such as color settings, or current node selection) can be updated live. Key features include:


    •    View frames in RV immediately as they render from Nuke

    •    Play back from RAM or stream from disk (RAID, SSD, SAN)

    •    Automatically preserve a visual history of renders with auto-checkpoints

    •    Easily play, compare, and organize renders

    •    Render directly into an existing EDL, layout or A/B comparison

    •    Restore the Nuke script to match any render or checkpoint

    •    Share read nodes between Nuke and RV

    •    Live sync of color settings and current node selection


 You can get the full details by reading the docs here.

How do I get it?


The RV/Nuke Toolset requires:

  1. RV a valid RV license
  2. Nuke 6.1 or newer
  3. The RV/Nuke integration package (which is  bundled with the RV)

How much does it cost?

The Nuke integration tools are bundled with RV at no additional cost. We view Nuke integration as an investment in building the community of RV users and a great example of the powerful flexibility of the RV platform.