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RV 4.0


RV 4.0 Delivers GPU Accelerated Image Processing, Advanced Color Management, Fast IO, and User Programmable Image Processing on the GPU


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RV 4.0 combines established industry leading features for playback, review, and collaboration with a new generation of features to enable artists, production teams, and studios to review film resolution digital imagery accurately, in context, and integrated seamlessly with modern workflows and far-flung production models.

RV 4.0 is built on top of the RVX Core, a new GPU accelerated image processing architecture that combines fast IO, resolution-independent image handling, hardware accelerated floating point image processing, and advanced color management. The RVX Core also adds a major new dimension to RV's customizability--user programmable GPU image processing operations (GLSL shaders) that can be integrated into custom RV workflows.


What's New in RV 4.0

New Color Management and Color Pipeline Tools

RV 4.0's new color tools have taken color management to the next level. The color pipeline can be completely configured with any mix of color transforms in any order. RV Ships with a library of individual color operations (and inverses) such as Kodak Log, sRGB, Rec709, Matrix, CDL. These transforms can be chained together and inserted into multiple locations in RV's image processing pipeline. 

  • Color transforms can be chained into custom pipelines for complete flexibility
  • Open Color IO Support
  • PipelineGroups encapsulate custom color pipelines  
  • Use custom GLSL shaders for color operations *
  • Per display color management and display profiles for saving settings
  • Secondary color correction on any RV View

Example Color Transform Library and PipelineGroups

RV 4.0 Color Pipeline

New Editorial Features

  • Built in Editorial Transitions (Wipe and Cross Fade)
  • Users can script custom transitions using GLSL *
  • Time Warping - retime node supports array of frames/speeds

New User Interface

Toolbars, Per Display Color Settings, and Color Profile UI

Display Color Menu   Display Profiles

Display Profile Prefs

  • Toolbars make it easier to discover and access key features
  • New navigation menu for fast view switching
  • Per display color menu
  • Display Profile UI to create and save named profiles
  • Video preferences to assign Display Profiles to devices, or output formats

Image Formats, Quicktime, and Image Processing

  • Dither to 10 or 8 bits
  • Improved Quicktime support on all platforms
  • Open Exr 2.0 support
  • Lens undistort on GPU

Lens Distort

Parametric Lens Undistortion

User Programmable GPU Image Processing*

RV 4.0 enables users to playback media using custom GPU-accelerated image processing operations. RV 4.0 IP operations are shaders written in OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL), can have one or more inputs, and can be top level (like an RV Sequence or Layout) or hidden inside RV 4.0's new PipelineGroups. Authoring new shaders requires a development license of RVX. Once shaders are published from RVX they can be used by RV.

Potential Uses for Custom GLSL Shaders in RV

  • Custom color transforms
  • QC and diagnostic or forensic views
  • Chroma Keying
  • Live DOF or motion blur 
  • Slap comp assembly QC to check AOVs
  • Custom editorial transitions

Some Experimental Custom Shaders

Gauss Blur

Separable Gaussian Blur Exploiting Hardware Sampling to Reduce Lookups

AOV QC Comp     Chroma Key

AOV QC Comp                                                 Chroma Key

Diagnostic Shader

Pixel Diagnostic and QC Shaders


Pricing and Availability

RV 4.0 is available free of charge to users with current maintenance, or for $299, or bundled with RVIO for $399. Licenses can float among workstations or be installed on a single computer. Please contact our sales team to upgrade maintenance.

* Shader development requires an RVX Development License. Once shaders are published from RVX, they can be used by any RV, RVSDI, or RVIO instance.