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RV Tools for Playback and Review





RV for Desktop and Dailies Playback

RV is the next generation image and sequence viewer for VFX and animation artists. RV is high-performance, hardware accelerated, and pipeline-friendly. It adapts to  your workflow, runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, and integrates with key tools like Nuke, Maya, Deadline, and Qube!

RV Presentation Mode with SDI



RV-SDI for the Screening Room

RV-SDI matches the flexibility of RV's dailies sessions with full quality SDI output. RV-SDI supports dual stream output for stereo playback, embeds audio in the SDI signal, and takes advantage of RV's flexible tools for review, editing, collaboration, annotation, and comparison of media.

RVIO Slate and Overlays



RVIO Transcoding for the Renderfarm

RVIO is a standalone, command-line, image and audio pipeline tool that shares RV's core technology. RVIO can make dailies or client reviews with custom slates and meta-data burn-in, ingest plates, and output film ready final frames. It can color correct, composite, conform, and convert, and it can run on your renderfarm or use the graphics card on your workstation.




Shotgun + RV: Integrated production management and review

With the release of Shotgun 6 and RV 6, RV will be included at no cost for all Shotgun subscribers, and setup is easier than ever before. Learn more