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About Us

Tweak Software

Tweak Software originated as the Research and Development division of Tweak Films, an award-winning visual effects company with a tradition of advanced technology development. Tweak is located in San Francisco, California. (You can read about the history of Tweak Films here.)

Tweak's team has a long history of developing cutting edge VFX technology including: the first particle system (Dynamation) which led to breakthrough effects in films such as Twister; ILM's first generation rigid body dynamics, cloth systems and creature modeling tools which made Star Wars: Episode One possible; ILM's facial motion capture technology; and ILM's Zeno platform. Tweak has built on this experience to develop unique next-generation tools for water, dynamics, particles and procedural effects that have made possible projects such as the water in The Day After Tomorrow and the collapse of the Barad Dur Tower in the Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King.

Jim Hourihan - Co-Founder, Director of R&D

Jim drives the long-term technology vision for Tweak's software. He has created or contributed to a long list of commercial and proprietary software tools for visual effects and animation at Industrial Light and Magic, Wavefront Software, and  Santa Barbara Studios. Jim has been awarded Three Academy Awards for Scientific and Technical Achievement.

Seth Rosenthal - Co-Founder, President

Seth Joined Tweak  after 7 years at Industrial Light and Magic where he supervised a team that made innovative contributions to visual effects film-making--including many  projects that introduced new  technology under the pressure of first unit photography. He supervised projects including motion capture for many feature films, multi-camera photography, and photogrammetric set reconstruction. 

Alan Trombla - Director of Product Development

Alan has worked at all levels and aspects of visual effects and digital animation production, from writing software to managing large engineering teams; from lighting shots to leading CG productions. He came to Tweak after a long career at Industrial Light and Magic, Lucasfilm Animation, and Digital Domain. He has contributed to many technologies and tools that are in wide use at those facilities.