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RV 3.10 Release

RV 3.10

RV 3.10 is the next major step in RV's evolution.  It builds on RV's core playback engine with richer tools to manage, combine, and review media.

The most notable enhancement in RV 3.10 is an intuitive drag and drop interface for comparing, editing, and laying out media for review and playback. The new Session Manager enables users to easily manipulate media in RV and combine or re-combine it in various ways. Check out the demo videos to see these new tools:

RV 3.10.10 Update Release

The newest update to RV includes some useful new features. The big news is that Tweak and The Foundry have cooperated to integrate RV tightly with Nuke. RV now comes with advanced integration tools for Nuke. You can read more about that and watch the RV/Nuke demo movie here. This latest update also includes some new tools in the session manager for organizing and managing RV sessions. The include:

  • Folders for organizing sessions. You can make new folders, put items in them and nest them
  • A new Switch view that lets you collect versions and switch between them
  • Session merging so that RV session files can be merged together either in the GUI or on the command line
  • Nuke style %v and %V command line syntax

Check out the RV 3.10.10 Demo Video


And the Original 3.10 Video


A few highlights from RV 3.10 include:

  • Create new Layouts, Stacks, and Sequences in the same RV session
  • Stack or layout sequences for comparison or slap comps
  • Add/Delete sources
  • Re-order timeline, stacks, and layouts with drag/drop
  • Trim in/out points for sources in the timeline
  • Mix sources with different frame rates (real-time pull-up/down)
  • Retime sources individually (stretch, squeeze, resample, offset)
  • Create custom layouts
  • Organize reviews by preparing custom sessions in advance
  • Python API for writing RV session files
  • Mu API Documentation Browser

Custom Layouts


RV 3.10 allows you to create custom layouts interactively or using the scripting language. Any number of sources or other items can be added to a layout and everything can be tiled automatically, or rearranged by the user.


RV Does the Time Warp!

RV now handles automatic and manual retiming of media. In sequences, stacks, and layouts it can automatically retime all media to a single FPS on the fly. For example, you can play mocap capture footage, webcam output, and rendered elements together in one layout to compare animation with capture data and reference. Alternately, you can manually retime output FPS, as well as stretch and compress then length of the media for morecontrol. And of course and audio in the source is retimed to maintain sync with the video and resampled to preserve the pitch.